Journal of The Hyena: 8 – 10 May 2012

8 May

Fuck! I hate Mondays. Oh wait. It’s Tuesday isn’t it? Yeah – yesterday was a Bank Holiday.
Woohoo – I love Tuesdays!

Joined Twitter yesterday. WTF – why did no one tell me how amazeballs it is? Might retire the journal and go 100% online.

BTW – totes came up with a way to defeat my nemesis, Owl Man. Watch this space!

9 May

Yeah so anyway – as I alluded to in yesterday’s journal entry I have come across some veeerryy interesting info RE: my arch enemy Owl Man. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. Just read that they’re making yet another fucking film about him and his dark, mysterious, crimefighting ways. Here’s hoping his death will put the production into turnaround.


10 May

I did it! He’s dead! He’s dead! Fuck you, Owl man. Fuck you, Hollywood… Well unless you want to make a Hyena movie, in which case – bazinga, here are my account details!

So yeah – Twitter. I totally signed up a few days ago and just went on a following binge. Like I was just a Twitter slut for a day. Any chick showing even a bit of cleavage and – BING – follow! Anyway – one of the hot chicks I followed, turns out she’s an old flame of Owl Man and she’s on there just chatting shit about him and how great he is. And that’s where I learned his secret weakness!

And now he is pavement pizza!

Owl Man – dark avenger of the streets, defender of the weak and poor, sentinel of right and might… Ticklish!

Anyway – is Facebook just as good? Must sign up.


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