Have you seen this?

The chances are you’ve walked right past one, you just haven’t noticed.

I first spotted one back in 1995. It was in my own hometown, and I thought it was quite interesting. I was stunned that no one else seemed to know what I was talking about. No one else claims to have seen it. Now, it’s possible that these things are easy to ignore, lost in the muddle of city centre surroundings. How many landmarks, or public works, or urban landscaping features do you walk past on your way to work each day that you don’t even see?

That’s the only way I can explain it, the reason why so many of them have gone unnoticed. I mean who doesn’t spot a huge bronze globe? Like the balls of the brass monkey finally froze and dropped off, except that monkey’d have to be King Kong. But seriously, giant bronze orbs, often cracked, showing a glimpse of interlocking layers and the hint of a smaller sphere within. Like a cocoon, or a massive kinder egg.

In almost 15 years I’ve seen them in 4 major cities now across two continents; in Dublin (by the Waxworks museum), Rome (in the grounds of the Vatican), London (near St Paul’s) and New York (by Ground Zero), and I’m starting to feel a bit weird about the fact that these aren’t documented anywhere, least of all on the web, home to every oddity and conspiracy theory there is. I mean, what the hell are they?  Something totally secret hidden in the most smart arsed way possible, in plain sight?

I can’t have been the only person to have seen them. So I’ve decided to share my pictures here with you, starting today with this one on Elephant Words. I urge you to get in touch if you’ve seen one. Tell me where and how long ago. Post pictures if you have them. Perhaps together we can create a database. Map their positions, find out what they are. You can find me here online @ globewatch.com

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