The Callisto Building

The Callisto building on SeokJeong Row has long been a hub of commercial services. The building is home to a number of highly successful businesses in each of its five levels. In the basement there is the bowling alley and the famous International Buffet, recommended by no less a publication than Statham! magazine. On the street level there are businesses offering the finest baked goods, fried foods and chilled drinks. The next floor up is the financial hub, with no less than three different banks, no to mention two accountants and a financial advisor. The third floor is taken up entirely by Dr Mabuse’s Artificial Organ emporium, for all your artiforg needs. And in the penthouse office is the Assassination Bureau, willing to take on any contract as long as the correct permits have been issued.

We invite you to consider the Callisto building for your company’s location needs. Remember- the future is happening now. Don’t get left behind!

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