The Obvious

Contributed by on 02/01/12

As soon as he walked into the Save Mart, I knew the truth. It was really Him. I was taken aback- I mean, in terms of celebrity sightings, this is the Big Kahuna, right? And if He was walking around, then other people must have seen him. I wasn’t crazy.

I didn’t know what to say. I just stood there, staring. He must have noticed me, because He walked towards me, in the Baking Needs section, with a huge, welcoming smile on his face. He knew my name, He knew everything. I was sorry. He forgave me. He loved me.

I asked where He was going now. Everywhere, He said. He needed to make sure everyone knew how much He loved them. Everyone? Yes, He was pretty clear about that the last time He was here. I couldn’t help thinking He’d have an interesting time in the South on that score.

He gave me a hug, and turned to go- I stopped Him. He turned back with a smile. Could I possibly… I took out my phone…could I have a photo with Him?

“You’re the fifteenth one today,” He laughed.

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