There are a lot of stories about the King. Some of them were written by his courtiers, and get bandied about endlessly. Some of them have started being told since. Lots of people think they know something about him.

One thing we all agree on: he’s not in the castle right now. The throne is sat there empty. You can go and look at it, and talk with the tour-guide about when the King left, and why.

Some people think the King left because we didn’t deserve him. Some say he was King of somewhere else, we just heard about him. Some say he was someone else’s courtier and we got confused- the real King was a completely different person. Some say the tour-guide is the King. A lot of people think he’ll be coming back, one of these days. Some of them get convinced it’ll be a specific day, and make all kinds of preparations. But when he was King he never did what people expected, why would he now? Then there are the people who say there *is* no King, there never was. Or that he’s gone and never coming back. Those people are the ones who want a republic, and say we don’t need a King.

And me? I just wish they would all stop fighting each other. Sometimes it really is fighting, punching and bottles now, but it has been swords and shields. Mostly it’s just really, really tiring to listen to at parties. And the main rule the King made was about treating other people properly. When he does come back, I wonder what he’ll make of all this.

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Writer of mainly spec-fic, I also play roleplaying games, particularly enjoying the shared storytelling.

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