The Ladykiller

“Just up here, detective inspector.” The young officer said, as he led her through to the body.
“Hmm… certainly looks like familiar. The signature?”
“A flower, ma’am. Just like the other four.”
“And our hold-back? Is this our lady, or another copy-cat?”
“Looks like the same uneven join on the final petal, ma’am.” He smiled to himself. “I never thought I’d end up learning so much about knitting.”
“It’s crochet, Feathers. Not knitting. I suppose you still have a bit to learn on the subject, then?”
He blushed bright, and looked away, as she leaned closer to the body, counting wounds. She stopped at ten. The killer was either getting angrier, or was losing control.

She raised her head, to properly take in their surroundings. A secluded, shaded, space, as with the other victims. A dark and foreboding alleyway.
“Hmm… so what was this ready-looking gentleman doing down here, do we suppose, Feathers?”
“Well, I recognise him, ma’am. He’s a nasty one. We’ve had him on the hook for at least three home invasions that I can remember, but the victims always flinch from testifying. Always old ladies, ma’am. He terrifies them.” He paused.
“Hmm…  something more to say, Feathers?”
“Just… can’t help thinking we’re all a bit better off without him, ma’am. And the others, as it turns out. Whoever this old dear is, however she’s managing to get the better of them, it’s hard to think she’s in the wrong. This seems like justice.”
“You surprise me, Feathers.” She tutted, and turned to look up at him, her expression severe. “Our job is to uphold the law, not to chase justice. Are you some kind of anarchist?”
“No, ma’am!” He exclaimed, admonished.
“Relax, Feathers. I’m playing with you.” She said, facing the body again to hide her smile. “It is hard not to admire our perpetrator’s pluck. But still, we have a job to do. Allowing our feelings to let us deviate too far from it is a treacherous road to go down.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Still, we do have a lot of other crimes to solve, don’t we? Perhaps prioritising our workload is the order of the day, here.”
She got up off her haunches, and turned toward him.
“I’ll be back at the station.” She said.
“Yes ma’am.” He replied.
They exchanged a smile, and moved on.

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Nicolas Papaconstantinou
Nicolas Papaconstantinou is an enthusiastic amateur creative type, and the chap behind Elephant Words. Be nice to him. He growed up kinda wrong.

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