An Accomplished Lady

Contributed by on 23/04/11

Everyone loves it when I give them a little tune. I don’t like to foist my music on anyone, of course, and one must be careful to be a little coy when asked to play.

“Gosh, it’s louder than you’d think isn’t it?” is a response I often get. And, yes, the violin can be just as loud as a trumpet if one knows how to really bash a note out of it. Naturally, if you’re concentrating on volume, the accuracy of the tuning can go a little out of the window – but I think it would be churlish for anyone to grumble about that. Besides, they all enjoy it too much. Apart from Edwin Fellowes that is, who mentioned recently that he misses the days when I used to play the drums and asked if I’d ever considered the tuba? Well, it’s certainly a thought!

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