Will Be Boys

Percy should have known better. He and Gordon were supposed to keep an eye on Nora. She was the youngest, and for some reason their parents still believed it was the two brothers who led her into trouble.

Granny knew better- Percy could tell from the Christmas and birthday gifts Nora received- usually books in which nice little girls were rewarded for being proper young ladies. Unfortunately, there were a lot more books by Richmal Crompton in the house than Elinor M. Brent-Dyer.

So when the family went to visit the castle, Percy and Gordon were given strict instructions to be on their best behaviour, and not to persuade Nora to do anything. Stupid, really, thought Percy- Nora never needed persuading, in fact it was usually her giving them ideas.

And in a castle, she had plenty. But nothing was more tempting to their little sister than a sign with ‘do not’ in it. The sign on the guns was like a red rag to Nora’s rampaging and precocious curiosity.

The guard told the boys off for loitering around the guns. But by then it was too late.

Though as Nora wisely pointed out after Mummy had stopped her two sons’ pocket money and for some reason still thought it must have been Percy’s idea for Nora to climb inside one of the guns (and nearly get stuck), because she was the smallest and the only one that would fit, it was dashed unfair of anyone to get cross about it.

The sign said not to climb ON the guns- it didn’t say anything about IN them.

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