However vast the darkness….

A Light Ship is a contrary thing, a mobile beacon. Not plaintive and stationary like lighthouse with its repetitive rotating beam, reaching out, waving its warning. The lonely lighthouse, warding you away, is constant. It is always there like your better judgement, you just can’t always see it. No, the Light Ship only appears in times of need, to guide you out of danger. Good cousin of the tricksy will o’ the wisp, this is an exit light. Someone to show you the way out.
Every once in a while it gets dark, with clouds of your own making. You don’t notice it happening. You sail too close to the wind, and you tell your self you know what you are doing. But you’re so far from the shore now, you’ve been blown off course. All around you is tumult and you can’t find your bearings. You can no longer see the horizon line. Home, Heart, Happiness, all the things you wanted most, are lost. You’d have stayed on your true course, if only you had recognised it.
Just sometimes, a Light Ship comes. (They don’t appear for everyone; this you shouldn’t take for granted). It comes and illuminates your darkness. It brings Hope and the storm subsides. It is a torch upon your soul. And if you can see clearly by its light you will know what to do.
Now you’re on your own. By sheer will you can calm the seas, forge ahead, leave obstacles in your wake. This moment of clarity is your second chance. Do not waste it. You must become a more confident navigator. Trust you know the way, use your homing device.

From now on, you must provide your own light.

(For Steve)

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