Contributed by on 14/08/10

8 white shirts with winged collars

4 cracked mugs, 1 with handle missing

49 pairs of black socks, 1 single black sock

3 cream bath towels

1 cactus

1 cafetiere, in box, unopened

5 pairs dark blue jeans, artfully distressed

2 pairs of pyjamas, one spotted, one striped

3 suit jackets in black and pinstripe

1 pair of brown chords

1 toothbrush

Half a bottle of mouthwash for sensitive teeth

33 novels, 14 non-fiction books

18 ties of varying taste

5 crusted pots of hair gel

32 t-shirts with various slogans or faded band names

1 George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine

51 magazines, of varying vulgarity

3 pairs of loafers, brown

12 pairs of trainers

1 cigarette lighter

1 sports bag, black, unused

4 Jack Vettriano prints

15 bottles of aftershave

1 mobile phone bill

1 hotel bill

1 purple pillowcase, one long blonde hair

1 photo frame, smashed

1 bundle of photographs, torn in half

1 Paul Smith suit, cut into strips

8 pairs of Calvin Klein boxer shorts, with gussets slashed

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