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Thursday 10 June

Oh God why is life so unfair? My job is awful. My girlfriend Tina is hogging the tv. And my mum has left an angry voicemail because I haven’t phoned her in two weeks. On top of this the patch for League of Strong Guns 3 wasn’t released when they SAID IT WOULD BE. I am so booooored!

Friday 11 June

The sun is shining and I feel wonderful. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have Tina in my life. She is my breath. The beat of my heart. My everything.

The new Strong Guns 3 levels are awesome. I’ve been online playing with my usual crew and it is SO MUCH better than Strong Guns 2.

It’s actually unbelievable. It’s so good that I stayed up until 4am playing. Very tired for work. LOL!

Saturday 12 June

My boss is such a******* ****. Apparently I’m not giving 110% at work. I told him some days I even give 111%. And I do.

At least I have Tina. And Strong Guns 3.

Sunday 13 June.

Tina has left me.

Monday 14 June

I just need to walk right now. I don’t know what to do. My mind is in a spin. A maelstrom. A churning, bulging mental whirligig.

She says she still loves me but that she needs space. I thought all the time I was spending on Strong Guns 3 was giving her space.

I phoned in sick. Said I had the *****. The boss laughed. It’s fine. I don’t care.

Tuesday 15 June

OMG This is ******* awesome! Level 17 of Strong Guns 3 has parallel demon Finch Winches. Can you frickin’ believe it?

Wednesday 16 June

Crap day at work. Boss has been making *** jokes at me all day. Every time a chair creaks he spins round and points. ‘Watch out everyone – Jinky might **** himself. Watch out!’


Thursday 17 June

Will someone cheer me up, please? I am so depressed. (NOT YOU, TINA!)

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Friday 18 June

Yay – Friday! I am going bowling tonight.

LOL – I just typed bowking by mistake! Wish I was going bowking,



Saturday 19 June

Tina says she is pregnant!

Sunday 20 June

It’s okay. It’s not mine.

Monday 21 June

Dear Mum. Yes I do have time to update this diary and not enough time to phone you. I can’t believe you’re on here READING my PERSONAL diary. And then USING it as AMMUNITION against ME.

You make me so ANGRY sometimes!

Tuesday 22 June

Happy birthday Mum!

Wednesday 23 June

Strong Guns 3 complete. My life is empty.

Thursday 24 June

If no one comments on this I really might kill myself.

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Comment #1

Sharon Shambles

Son! Just phone me. I will cheer you up. You know I will. I have a great joke about a salmon I can tell you.

Friday 25 June

Been fired.

Sad face.

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Comment #1

Tina Smith

Sorry to hear that Jinky.

Comment #2

Go *** yourself Tina!

Saturday 26 June

Yay! The weekend. Does anyone want to play? (Not you Mum. And DEFINITELY not you Tina!)

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