Nancy Travis, Can You Believe It?!?

When John Walsh called me on the telephone, to personally tell me they’d decided to use my story on his show, America’s Most Wanted, I thought I was gonna spring a leak right there in the lazy boy.  Can you imagine– a big star like that calling me up on the telephone?  He’s so handsome, and nice, too… Not at all stuck up and like you’d expect from such a big star.  Of course, they needed my permission (who on Earth could say no to John Walsh, I’d like to know), so I dragged it out as long as I could before I agreed, just so I could listen to him talk a while longer.

It was definitely, bar-none the most exciting moment of my life.  Or, at least it was until I found out Nancy “So I Married an Axe Murderer” Travis is gonna play me.  Ain’t that just the thing?!?  Glamorous Nancy Travis is going to play me…  I just can’t get over it, I tell you what.

I still don’t know who they got lined up to play George, but wouldn’t it be special if they got Steve Guttenberg?  George would bust a gut over that one, if’n the Taylor County Killer hadn’t already split ‘em open all over the trailer.  He was such a fan of those Police Academy movies.

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Brina Blank was conceived in a van about two miles downwind from the San Onofre nuclear power plant, during the late 1970s. Currently, she resides in a small two bedroom apartment with her partner, one child, two dogs, and six fish of various species. She enjoys dark humour, expensive sheets, and frottage.

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