She Danced

She danced on the beach,
In her magical shoes,
She danced on the beach,
It was quite a to-do,
Although nobody saw her,
And nobody knew,
What beat in her heart,
As she danced in those shoes.

She danced for her love,
She danced for her heart,
She danced all the day,
Until it fell dark,
Then she danced ‘till her feet,
Felt incredibly sore,
So she removed those gold shoes,
And she danced some more.

The rocks did not see her,
Nor did they care,
They did not follow this girl,
With their implacable stare,
As she danced for the lover,
Who lived far away,
Across the wide ocean,
That lapped at this bay.

“Oh, come to me, love,
Come to my side,
Fly here, or sail here,
I don’t care how you ride,
I’ll dance for you, lover,
In my golden shoes,
And I’ll have all that I need then,
Because I’ll have you.”

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Ian Sharman
Ian is a freelance writer and artist. He founded Orang Utan Comics Studio with Peter Rogers in 2006, writes for their Eagle Award Nominated anthology Eleventh Hour and regularly inks for Panini’s Marvel Heroes comic.
Ian Sharman

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