Before Fate Takes Every Thing Away

She woke, the phrase repeating in her head.

Because the street.

It was not difficult to remember Jason, even after he died. Twists of metal, and blood, and that sharp acrid smell before the flame. Because the street, she thinks, remembering. But nothing comes. Nothing at all.


If she could walk in mist, she would. If she could walk, and run and run, and the mist could get deeper and darker, and cool upon her skin – if it could envelop her like a dream – then she would walk and never wake.

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Andrew Cheverton
Andrew Cheverton is currently the writer of the western comic West (drawn by Tim Keable) and the science fiction comic The End (drawn by FH Navarro), and the writer - and soon-to-be illustrator - of horror comic The Whale House. Thank you for reading.
Andrew Cheverton

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