The Crystal Heart

All was darkness and he floated in a sea of night. The moon and the stars had fallen from the sky and he was left, alone and floating, with only his pain for company. The world had crumbled beneath his feet and the sun had disappeared, seemingly to never be seen again. He was utterly lost and now he began to feel his mind slowly slipping away.

That was what scared him the most, and the fear fuelled his pain, and the more he hurt, the quicker he felt himself losing his mind. He’d been through pain before; he’d lost everything he’d ever worked for, had all of his dreams taken from him, but through it all, he’d never lost his mind. Yet, here he was, surrounded by darkness, the happiest memories he had just caused him pain and every time he thought of her all he could do was break down and cry.

Then he saw it, a tiny pin prick of light off in the distance. It called to him, and though it was far away, he couldn’t help but be drawn to it. The light hurt his eyes at first; he’d been shut away in this dark prison for so long. As he drew close to it, it burned him, and he shied away from it, afraid that it might hurt him again. Slowly his eyes grew accustomed to the light, and he drew close and found it floating there, alone, just like he was.

It was a tiny crystal heart, so beautiful, so precious, just like the one that had once lit up his life and filled his heart with warmth and joy.


It wasn’t just like that heart at all, it was that heart.

He gently picked it up and held it in his palm. He traced the contours of the crystal heart with his finger, its many facets feeling so familiar to his touch. As he did so the darkness began to melt away around him. The moon and the stars returned to their rightful place and shone their light upon him. The ground returned beneath his feet and he began to heal.

He felt something tight around him and, coming to his senses found himself back in her arms.

“Where were you?” he said to her. “I was so lost, so alone, so afraid.”

“I’m sorry,” she replied. “I was right here, I never let go.”

“I found your heart,” he said, holding out his palm to her. She closed his fingers around the crystal heart and pressed it against his chest.

“It was never lost,” she replied. “You’ve had it all this time.”

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Ian Sharman
Ian is a freelance writer and artist. He founded Orang Utan Comics Studio with Peter Rogers in 2006, writes for their Eagle Award Nominated anthology Eleventh Hour and regularly inks for Panini’s Marvel Heroes comic.
Ian Sharman

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