The Last Hour Before The Dark

Waiting. In the cold. In the dark. Her breath before her, fog. Her fingers, brittle twigs of ice. The last glow of summer sky slides like melting snow below the horizon. The sky is darkest blue. Each breath, a moment. Each moment, an hour; a day; a life.

The lights of the sky come out; the moon, the stars. And she waits. Her breath, her heart.

And when he comes, when he speaks beside her, his breath rolling out in white clouds, she seems not surprised; then, she barely moves at all.

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Andrew Cheverton
Andrew Cheverton is currently the writer of the western comic West (drawn by Tim Keable) and the science fiction comic The End (drawn by FH Navarro), and the writer - and soon-to-be illustrator - of horror comic The Whale House. Thank you for reading.
Andrew Cheverton

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