Level 42

‘Don’t press that button until I say.’

‘I really don’t have time for this right now.’

‘It won’t take long.’

‘Why is it so important to you?’

‘I just need someone to know about this. And I think you’ll understand when you see for yourself.’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Please. For me. I want you to see what I can do.’

‘If this makes me late…’

‘It’ll be worth it.’

I remembered this conversation dimly, but the memory was quickly fading. I was sitting in an armchair in a huge library. On the wall opposite me were three pictures: some space picture; a desert; and a garden. I looked at the space picture. Epsilon Eridani it was called. I didn’t know what that was but it sounded familiar. I liked the look of the picture anyway. I looked at it for a while from where I was and quickly made a decision. I would get into that picture. I stood up and crossed the room. It only seemed like a split second later I was standing in front of the wall. I raised my right hand and placed it lightly on the picture. Then I closed my eyes and pushed. For a moment I could feel myself falling. Then I was weightless, like I was floating, but not. I wasn’t moving as such. I was just there. I opened my eyes, although that’s not quite right as I didn’t have eyes to open. But I could see everything. All around me were bright, shining stars. Suddenly all the things I had been fighting, whatever they were, no longer mattered. I had no worries, no fears. I could barely remember anything that had been before now, but I knew one thing. For the first time, I was entirely peaceful. I had no sensation of a physical body but I could feel something. Like a glow from within. I’m a star, I thought. I’m a star and I am home now. Then something changed. There was a strange sound, from somewhere I could not imagine. A clicking and then a whirring. Then there was nothing but darkness. I could feel something now, something I didn’t like. That feeling was cold. Then a voice crackled in the air, sharp words in the stillness.


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