Chronology of events in the McLarney cottage

July 17- McLarneys move into cottage.

July 19- New phone line installed.

July 21- Strange fog enshrouds cottage.

July 22- Phone rings at 2.35a.m. Dead line.

July 24- ‘Ghostly face’ seen outside kitchen window.

July 25- Phone rings several times between 1a.m and 3a.m. Dead line each time.

July 27- First fire- caused by faulty wiring. Minor damage to kitchen.

July 28- Cracks appear on all downstairs windows.

July 29- Between 2a.m. and 4a.m. phone rings every 4 minutes. Dead line each time.

August 1- Mysterious stain appears on living room wall. Described as resembling a child’s handprint.

August 2- Kitchen window shatters. Cause unknown.

August 4- Sounds of children crying heard from attic.

Agust 5- Stain in living room spreads over entire wall.

August 6- Second fire. Cause unknown. Minor damage to living room.

August 7- Several dead crows found in bedroom.

August 8- All remaining downstairs windows shatter during night. Cause unknown.

August 10- Final fire. Cause unknown. Entire building gutted. No survivors.

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