tweet in the tale

If any of you aredingthis plese plaes stopknocking. I’m sorry!!!!!!>MWNB
3 seconds ago

pleas someonne HELP I’m in real trouble here they won’t go away can’t call cops phone not working all I can do is use this fukn thing!!!
23 seconds ago

Is anyone out there?My pphone won’t do anythng but connect2this application. Please HELP. Being ATTACKED – door won’thold for mch longer
1 minute ago

OK now I know someone’s jerking my chain. PMs from all 666 of you at the same time? Dunno how you did that, but I’m impressed!
9 minutes ago from twhirl

@rdsmith_197 – Oh yeah? Well knock on my door! See how tough you are then you fucking freak monkey!
11 minutes ago from twhirl

@davidbaillie I just looked and you’re not outside. It takes more than that to scare me.
15 minutes ago from web in reply to davidbaillie

@jFar33 Try me smart ass. I really will call the cops.
from the web 6 hours ago

@nikki1977 I don’t even know you. No you cannot come round!
about 7 hours ago from twonk

Will peepl pls stop telling me they’re coming over. You’re actually freaking me out and it’s not funny.
about 7 hours ago from twhirl

@billyoverthere_45 contact an admin or the COPS.
about 8 hours ago from twitterrific in reply to billyoverthere_45

@billyoverthere_45 No man, no fucking way. You cannot come round too. Listen I tried blocking you, but any more shit and I’ll
about 8 hours ago from twitterrific in reply to billyoverthere_45

@lea55 What? Tomorrow? Sure, swing by. 10 sounds perfect. I’ll get some beauty sleep!
about 9 hours ago from twhink

Dum damn thing. All I wanted to do was have a bit of fun and meet some new people. Who ever is playing this trick on me. Not funny! Stop sending me these disgusting PMs!
about 12 hours ago from phone

Ummm. Can anyone help me unregister from this? It won’t seem to let me?
1 day ago ago the web

OK I’ve had enough of this, people get way too fired up on this stoopid thing. Also the number thing is freaking me out. I quit!
1 day ago ago the web

@billyoverthere_45 Geez – over react much?
3 days ago ago from the web

@billyoverthere_45 Hey man really sorry. Nuthin personal. Honestly – read my last tweet.
3 days ago ago from the web

Even tried blocking someone just to get the number to change. Anyone else getting this problem?
3 days ago ago from the web

OK this is creepy. Number of followers stuck. Is this some kind of joke?
3 days ago ago from the web

@lea55 Yeah, right where the van is. Next time you swing by say hi!
5 days ago ago from the web

@lea55 Cool. You like it? You totally should have knocked on my door – I’m in the top apartment. Number 6.
5 days ago ago from the web

nearly finished the van! It’s taken ages, but totally worth it.
5 days ago ago from the web

ooooohhhh – creepy – 666 followers. Quick someone un-follow me!
5 days ago ago from the web

@lea55 Down Eastside. 22nd Street. Are you in the area? You can’t miss it. It’s an old VW campervan and I sprayed it up nice.
6 days ago ago from phone

Been painting a van all day. Put some cool comics characters on it. Spray painting is the bomb! 500 followers! Awesums.
6 days ago ago from phone

Wow, I’ve only been on here ‘bout 20 mins and I already got 400 followers – How cool is that?
7 days ago from phone

OK. So now I tell you what I’m doing, right? OK, just at home. Typing. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
7 days ago from phone

Hello? Is there anyone there? I’m not sure what I’m doing here. How does this work?
7 days ago

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