New Year, New Line-Up at Elephant Words!

Elephant Words has hit the end of another six-week stretch, just a few days after entering it’s third calendar year!

2008 was a great year for the site, with hundreds of awesome pieces of writing from more than a dozen damn fine writers. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the superb standard set at the site, and to our readers!

We’re starting – well, almost starting – 2009 with a bit of a roster change here at EW.

First up, Andrew Cheverton and Dan Lester will each be taking a well-earned holiday from the site.

Andrew Cheverton is one of the site’s founding contributors, and a driving force behind the site’s creation. He’s also the writer of several awesome comics, most notably the epic Western series, “West”.
You can lavish adoration and attention on Mr Cheverton at

Dan Lester has been writing for the site since July 08, and his contributions have always been excellent, often irreverent, and sometimes just dang confusing.
He is the creator of several comics and videos and such, and can be found at

Thanks for all the great work, gentlemen, and we hope we’ll meet again, some sunny day!

But as we say goodbye to these two great writers, we welcome two brand new recruits to the intense story-generator that is Elephant Words.

Bridgeen Gillespie is a comic writer/artist and illustrator, and is the creator of “Mr Maximo & Rabbit”. You can find out more about her at

Suzi Rose is as yet, a mystery wrapped in an enigma. She is also a darn fine writer.

Bridgeen’s first post on the site will go live on Tuesday, and Suzi provides this week’s Sunday image, and will be posting next Saturday. Please remember to drop by and say hello in the comments to their posts, and give them both a warm welcome!

And remember, you can contribute by writing your own stories based on the weekly Elephant Images and telling us about them, or just showing your appreciation in the comments sections of the daily posts!

Happy New Year, everyone… And happy reading and writing in 2009!

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Nicolas Papaconstantinou
Nicolas Papaconstantinou is an enthusiastic amateur creative type, and the chap behind Elephant Words. Be nice to him. He growed up kinda wrong.

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