Down To See The Monster

Contributed by on 25/12/08

I’m going down to the bottom of the garden
Holding a balloon on a string.

The balloon is floating.
I’ve never seen one that floats.
This is a good Christmas party.

I’m going down to the bottom of the garden
To the bottom of the garden shed
To see the monster.

I have to stand on my tip-toes
To open the door.
This is what it’s like
When you are only five.

And a half!

In the shed, I draw a big face on the balloon.
In felt-tip.

It makes a horrid squeaking noise that I like.

And then the monster talks to me.

It uses the face that I drew,
But I have to do it’s voice for it.

Balloon faces can’t talk, silly!

We talk for ages. The monster is my friend.

He tells me to do bad things.

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