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"The King of Wishful Thinking" by Matthew Hartwell

Defenders of ???

Hello and welcome to the web’s best fanpage for The Defenders of ???, one of the greatest comic series ever written and drawn by human hands.

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Four Words

The boy ran through the park, his companion, Mr Balloon at his side. For the briefest moment it was just the two of them, the rest of the world melted away and he was lost in a place where a boy and his balloon could

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No Regrets

It was Sunday afternoon and I was killing time in the park before heading home, when I noticed him. He was around eight or nine, wearing a Star Wars t-shirt and carrying a small balloon. The sight of him prompted a flood of childhood memories.

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Down To See The Monster

I’m going down to the bottom of the garden Holding a balloon on a string. The balloon is floating. I’ve never seen one that floats. This is a good Christmas party. I’m going down to the bottom of the garden To the bottom of the