Club Rules (Amended)

The safety record for our marksmen is perfect and we fully intend to keep it that way. We are also committed to lowering staff and public casualties. After all, good relations with the Ministry need to be maintained in order avoid a repeat of the Baskerville affair. We should continue to develop a mutual respect and trust.

Please take note of the following:

1.) All marksmen are to attend a brief before firing can commence. This will be followed by a selection of sandwiches. Late arrivals are to seek the organiser and be briefed before starting. New sandwiches will not be provided,

2.) All participants are to sign the club attendance register. Marksmen should use their real names.

3.) In the event of a large turn out, the organiser may decide that lunch will be served in stages. Lunch groupings will be selected by calibre.

4.) In the event of rain, brandy and Mackintoshes will be supplied. Umberellas will not.

5.) No person should engage a target, or targets, without being aware of what lies beyond said target or targets. Spot quizzes will be administered at the discretion of the organiser. (Hint: the most common answer is “countryside”, followed closely by “cows”.)

6.) Only official targets or targets approved by the organiser may be engaged, these will generally be paper, card or soft metal. Cows are not generally targets.

7.) On some ranges, live targets may be used by large calibres such as .338, 50cal and above. The organiser will advise on the day.

8.) The marksmen should not “trust to luck”.

9.) It is strictly forbidden to fire during lunchtime. A whistle will be blown by the organiser to denote the end of the luncheon period.

10.) All weapons are to be cleared by the organiser or a nominated priest before removal from the firing point. In the event of the latter, it is also advisable to have a rifle blessed when is not in use.

11.) On hearing the command “Argentina!” or another signal (made clear in the opening brief) such as a whistle, all shooters must immediately use up the rest of their bullets. This is the beginning of cocktail hour.

12.) 50cal type rifles will usually be grouped together at one end of the firing point. Muskets will usually be grouped together at the opposite end. Rivalry will be mercilessly crushed.

It is very important that you understand the above and carry out requests from the organiser, as we must appear to be responsible people.
All members attending events at the course should be aware of the safety policy, and any failure to abide by these rules will result in a warning, no matter how minor the incident. Further repetition will result in other measures being taken. Another serious breach of range safety could mean the loss of the range to the entire club.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact an organiser.

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