It’s A Magical Place

You can bet on anything in this city.

Whatever you want to bet on, you can find it here. There’s a game here for you, and that’s a guarantee. Tell us your dream wager, your darkest secret play; we’ll point you down the street and take your cash.

We’ve got cards, dice, coins, bones, fractal random algorithms. We’ve got sports, horses, dogs, birds, robots, cars, robot cars. That stuff’s all standard, man. That’s basic, entry-level play. Maybe that’s for you, but maybe not.

You like holo-games? Everyone likes holo-games. Pick your avatar from a cast of hundreds, all unique, all with their own signature finishing moves. You haven’t lived until you’ve piloted a sixty-foot-tall sumo wrestler in a life/death holo-battle through the city streets. Bet on yourself, bet on them. Bet on how many cars you crush. It’s up to you.

You want to gamble with your life? Test your body’s limits? We’ll take bets on how long you last. Snakes, sharks, piranhas, bears – you name it, pal. Whatever you need. Want to gamble against your own death by natural causes? Our trained insurance men are standing by. Ask about our high-fat, high-cholesterol challenge – guess your month of death correctly, and your grieving family hits the jackpot!

You want to wade in other people’s blood? We’ve got armed fights, unarmed fights, animal fights, robot fights. We’ve got endurance tests, pain tests, torture tests, fear tests. Our gladiators are the best in the business, and they’re ready to die for your dollar. Thumbs up or thumbs down. You’re in charge.

Stick around. Play with us. Roll the dice and have some fun.

Spend and play and stay.

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Xander Bennett rearranges words for fun and profit. Read a preview of his new book at

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