On The Other Side Of The Street

Old stone has a smell about it. A deep, rich smell of lichen and loam. It gets into you, if you’re not careful. And you haven’t been careful, have you? I can see that from here. You’ve started looking shabby, just like your family always do. Don’t start arguing. I’ve been here longer than you have, much longer. I know what I’m talking about. Yes, you.

Ah, it always happens. Your wife moves in and suddenly your appearance goes to pot. You’d think that you didn’t care any more. Isn’t she looking after you? I suppose not.

I saw that boy of yours. It must be nice to have a visitor, even if it is so fleeting. Dropped in on his way past? What did you speak about? You never had much in common, did you? And now, well I can’t think it gets any easier for you. Still, he’ll be here again soon enough.

Don’t try and turn it around on me. I’ve been here long enough not to care. No. I don’t get any visitors. Not anymore. No, you know why. I don’t think that it was something I said. Not this time.

You should get yourself a shave. That beard looks like moss growing on an old cliff face. Ha. Ha. Yes. What are you going to do, come over here and hit me?

Well, yes I spend all day doing the same thing. Don’t we all? Look around you, why don’t you. You’ll see what I mean. It’s all just games to pass the time. All just wind in the grass.

Yes, I just sit here, what do you expect me to do? Run around? Dance a jig? Not now, not for a long time. I just sit here and watch the world. You know. You know what I’m watching. There’s only one thing to look at from this vantage pointy. That’s what.

Was it a joke to put a graveyard over the road from an old folks home? Someone is going to save on petrol, that’s for sure. Oh you can talk. You won’t even watch out of the window. What? Afraid that the family are going to come again? You’d be able to smell them if you didn’t have that stink about you. What? Are you coming over here? No, I thought not.

It’s enough to make an angel cry, really.

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Douglas Noble was born in Scotland and grew up all wrong. Don't blame his parents though, they tried their best.

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