Changes or Can’t Imagine The World Without Me

I am scared shitless of dying sometimes.

I am, ha, scared shitless of dying sometime.

Science tells us that nothing dies, that matter cannot be destroyed, that what we are is the crackle and hum of electricity, and that the crackle and hum will just go somewhere else. We change, and the unchanged mark this with big rocks, because with so much change going on, it’s nice to see something stable.

We do not die, we only change, into something that isn’t life as we know it.

Religion tells us that the skybeard will watch over the deserving when they die. That death is a journey to someplace else, above, beyond, better. Do good here and live forever somewhere that your good deeds are either the standard or just not needed under the watchful eye of the big beard in the sky. We mark the traveling with sign posts pointing up, to where we’ve gone.

We do not die, we only take a journey, to a place where everything we’ve done matters.

I know all that. And I buy into most of it on bad days and all of it on good days.

And I am still scared shitless.

Because I can’t imagine a world without me.

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Josh Hechinger is a future writing superstar/cautionary tale. He lives in Pennsylvania.

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