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Very generally, moving from the left to right, these are the acceptable utensils for a dinner party. Table cloths should be of a single, light colour.

1. Napkin
2. Salad fork
3. Mayo scissors
4. Dinner fork
5. Burr drill
6. Tenaculum
7. Dessert fork
8. Bread-and-butter plate, with spreader
9. Cusco spatula
10. Dinner plate
11. Dinner knife
12. Teaspoon
13. Cuneus spoon
14. Volkman spoon
15. Soup spoon
16. Cocktail fork
17. Desmarres retractor
18. Water glass
19. Red-wine glass
20. White-wine glass
21. Gallipot
22. Coffee cup and saucer*

* For an informal meal, the coffee cup and saucer can be placed at the time of the table setting. Otherwise, they should be brought to the table with the dessert.

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