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lost doggie went missin on his walk his name is busta and he will answer he went missing on the 10th of February and havent been seen since please if you seen him call my phone on 07X7222222221 anytime he is male doggie brown boxer with white flashes under chin and lump near base of tail has been castrated and full bred 1 year old last seen in whitlaw park playin with little girl but didn’t come home please look at pic though it isnt the best pic of him he is more handsom in person and try to find him I have tried and am missin him so much he is lovable dog and i want my busta home safe with his mummy and if you do get in touch thanx he is my baby

also lost little girl Julia last seen walking dog use same number

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Douglas Noble was born in Scotland and grew up all wrong. Don't blame his parents though, they tried their best.

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