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Forum Crash and What Happened Next…

Contributed by on 16/08/07

Ladies and Gentleman,

Earlier today, one of the main tables used in The Elephant Room database crashed, and had to be restored from the hosting company’s backup, which was as near as I can tell two days old. This means that anything that you have posted to the forum in the last two days is probably lost for good.

Although I’ve no way of knowing what caused the crash in the first place, it was remiss of me to not have the backup thing covered myself (especially considering how unreliable the host’s provision has been recently!), and for that I have to apologise.

I have already put in place measures which should stop something like this happening again, creating backups to protect the site and it’s content at least once a day; by lunchtime tomorrow, I will know if these measures are working.

A long-term side-effect that we can expect from this problem is that the “number of posts” information on threads that existed before the crash will probably remain askew, and I ask you to be patient with those… I have no idea how to fix that number.

Again, I apologise profusely for this issue, and hope it doesn’t effect everyone’s enjoyment of the site too much.

Nicolas Papaconstantinou

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