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Small Revelations

Contributed by on 25/05/15

Ralph are you telling me you’ve NEVER heard of Spinal Tap? How is this possible? You’re 42. I’m five years younger than you and I know about Spinal Tap.

My God, the next thing I know you’ll be telling me you love Meatloaf.

Oh good grief Ralph I was kidding! Jesus, we’ve been together for three years and you’re telling me now, in the middle of this damn lake, that you’re a Meatloaf fan.   I need a minute to breathe and contemplate this.  I really want to walk away from you in disgust but where am I supposed to go?

I’m in love with a Meatloaf fan who has never seen Spinal Tap.  Okay, okay I think I can deal with this. When we get home we’ll watch Spinal Tap which you’ll love, of course.

And the other thing, well, let’s not mention that again.

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