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“How about now?”

“Yeah, that feels a bit better.”

The mechanic cautiously withdrew his hand from Bill’s midriff and wiped the gunk off with a paper towel. He held a plastic cup with a straw up to Bill’s face. “Take a sip of this.”

Bill did as he was told. The mechanic immediately turned his attention back to Bill’s insides. “Okay, We got the main leak, but there’s still some seepage. A new washer should fix that right up though.”

He turned and walked over to an enormous cabinet of drawers lining one one side of the room, began checking the labels on the handles.

“You know, it’s a good thing you didn’t wait any longer to come in. This is a simple plumbing job, but another couple of days and the water damage… well, we might have needed to get you a whole new chassis.”

Bill nodded guiltily. He’d known something was up with his insides for a while, but had convinced himself it would clear up by itself. It was only when he started leaking from his hip joints that he’d finally had to admit he needed to see a mechanic. He was leaving stains on the sofa.

There were advantages to a mechanical body, no doubt about it, but it wasn’t the ticket to immortality it’d been sold as when they first hit the market a couple of decades ago. Maybe if you could afford s top of the range option. For a guy like Bill, who couldn’t afford much more than the basic model, the maintenance was as much trouble as it had been on his human body. He could work faster and earn more, but employers expected that nowadays, and in the long run his income had leveled out. In the twelve years since he’d made the transition the only thing that had really changed was he didn’t need to worry about his weight anymore.

“Ah, here we go.” The mechanic had found the right doohicky at last. “Now, I’ll just get this in there, then we’ll pop your arms and legs back on and you can be on your way.”

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